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┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚◌ ⃰ ⋆。˚ ❅
┊ ┊ ┊ ✺
┊ ┊ ☪︎⋆
┊ ⊹
✽ ⋆ ┊ . ˚

birth name: summer kang
korean name: kang yoo-sun
line: 99'
zodiac: libra sun, pisces moon
birth place: auckland, new zealand

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the group

group name: INANNA, as in the mesopotamian goddess
members: 5
company: YG
concept: girl crush
fandom: sirens
fandom's color:_ pink

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debut song:

Arrivederci!, a girl crush concept, with punny/witty lyrics about leaving bad things in the past. energetic and bouncy choreography.
(songs inspirations: mamamoo - yes i am, seulgi - wow thing, nicki minaj - barbie dreams)

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2nd title:

Crown Me, a badass concept, with confident/charismatic lyrics, foreshadowing their success. choreography changes from sharp moves to lazy moves.
(song inspirations: blackpink - ddu-du ddu-du, rihanna - bitch better have my money, 2ne1 - crush)

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debut album:

Hierarchy, features 6 tracks - 2 titles; rap line sub-unit (2 members); vocal line sub-unit (3 members), mellow piano and soft vocals/rap focused song

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on stage

stage name: dreamie
position: main dancer, lead vocalist, sub-rapper, maknae

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(performers inspo: bts - jimin, exid - hani, (g)-idle - soojin)

she is the triple threat. she has a fiery and charismatic aura. being the main dancer her fancams are always entertaining and captivating.

off stage

maknae: cute, but will fight
moodmaker: although she is very receptive of everyone's energies, she knows how to lighten the mood and make everyone laugh.

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bubbly, goofy, quirky, but mostly weird. although she seems extroverted in variety shows and lives, she's very introverted. she spends a lot time sleeping, writing poetry, experimenting with sweets and dancing in the mirror. she still loves traveling with her members. infp personality type.

dreamie's skills


she is a beatifully soft dancer. most of her moves are fluid, and watery. her favorite style is contemporary, and her solo stage is a ballet performance. when she freestyles she includes trendy dances, and is very known for her stripper side (she likes to shake her butt, as anyone would)
(idol dancers inspo: bts - jimin, (g)-idle - soojin, shinee - taemin)


she has very airy and soft vocals. her voice is considerably quiet, but she can still hit hight notes. the fans like to compare her voice to spontaneous asmr.
(singers inspo: billie eilish, mamamoo - wheein, (g)-idle - minnie)


she is not the fiercest rapper since her voice is very low and sultry, but she can rap easily, and has a good flow and groove.

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she has a fair skin (although it tans easily), pale brown eyes and full lips. she uses mostly light hair colors, although her natural hair is black. her body is very fit due to all her dancing. her style off and on stage is mostly complementary to her figure, accentuating her thin waist and long legs.

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stage name: venus
genre: lo-fi, chilled hip-hop

debut song:

Heart in the Clouds, a self composed song about a love so dreamy that makes her feel like she's floating.
(songs inspo: j. lu - off to, wheein - easy, miso - take me)

rainbow, sky, and pastel image art, artsy, and colour image
2nd title:

Borrow Me, a song about being bored by someone, and wanting someone as a sweet escape. It features Loco, he raps as if he was the escape.
(songs inspo: oohyo - pizza)

aesthetic, sea, and ocean image Image by Le Cirque des Rêves.
debut album:

sweven, as the name says, the album is very dreamy, with really mellow and soft songs. there's 8 tracks, all self-composed, she raps in 3, and features iu, loco, dean and heize.

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idol friends

group x group
got7, mark, and jackson image solar, mamamoo, and moonbyul image minhyuk, hyunsik, and sungjae image le, junghwa, and exid image
got7, mamamoo, btob, exid--all the groups relate on being crazy, like her own group. they get along with all yg artists, and most girlgroups, specially red velvet, twice and gfriend.
closest friendships:
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she is really close with iu, they are both share the same music style, and have deep talks at late night on the phone.
somi, girl, and kpop image kpop, polaroids, and idot image
they have a sister like friendship, always teasing each other and play fighting. they're the "variety duo", but have known each other for really long. somi and dreamie speak mostly in english together.
rose, blackpink, and kpop image blackpink, park chaeyoung, and kpop girls image
when they get together they watch romantic movies, and listen to old record player songs. they're the crybabies of kpop, and are always mentioning each other.

love interest

she has a really big crush that everybody knows already in v from bts. whenever they have to interact, she gets really shy and can barely function. the camera's really like to focus her reactions when he's the center.

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(btw, i do get my dreamie is basically a fusion between jimin and soojin. i love them, what can i say.)