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So every year I like to create a backstory and aesthetic for whatever I dress up on Halloween. This year I am matching with a friend in this pink cat costume. You can find the aesthetic and story here.


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Luna is part of a ancient race of people that can transform into wild cats with their outfits. They use the supernatural strength they get from the cloaks they are born in, that grow with them to defend themselves against the evil tribe of werewolves that reside on the other side of the forest. Luna is athletic, silly, adventerous, shy and feminine. She is dangerously curious.


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I changed
Changed is a part of life
The moon changes every night

But you forced me to change
In all the wrong ways

I lied about my interests
I sacrificed my time
I abandoned my tribe
2 be with you

And when you left me
I changed even more

I became bitter and cold
Like a rainy night

I changed
Because of you

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Bonus extra costumes for casual parties

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