Remember that night when you thought a lot about your life, when you felt that you must wake up and do something great. You promised yourself that this would be the year you accomplish all things you wanted. And what happend? How are you doing on your goals? Did this end up with just a wasted promise? Have you accomplished it? Are you at least on the way to do it? Don't let yourself with heart full of regret...This is time to change your mind and start thinking...

There is a reason you want to accomplish it, because if you are able to dream about it every day don't be lazy, respect the desire and do something. We are setting goals because we want to become better versions of ourselves, so do yourself a favour follow these things below, and be proud after!

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1. Make a list:

Determine your dreams, know exactly what they are. Rely on your instinct and feelings, don't let this process overhelm you. Get all of your goal on paper without worrying about how difficult it could be to achieve them. Think about changes you will have to implement or lifestyle adjustments you will have to make in order to make everything a reality. Refer to your paper regularly, don't tuck it somewhere...

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2. Look at it:

A goals that you can actually see is more powerful than a goal on your paper. You start with a plan, but visualizing is the best way to motivate yourself. Remember, be realistic, don't pick something that is out of your league. So be real when you choose your goals...Of course you have to dream big, but not at the beginning when it looks far, far away from you.

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3. Commit to yourself:

There is only one person in this goal-setting process. You, no matter what you are doing no one will do it for you but yourself. You have to manage, plans, take steps, wake up early, work late for your boss, manage business, pay bills, all is on you. Better commit to yourself and then re-commit every time you fall, start again, and don't worry of failure.

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4. Don't give up:

Many people abandon goals, because they are just too big for them. If you ever done this to yourself, ended up in worrying and complaing, stop it! You must change your game plan.

Break your goal into small ones, and solve it one by one. Maybe your goal may be huge for you, inaccessible, but gainings would be even bigger!

The key of success is to start before you are ready, never wait the right time to hustle. Because it will never be the right, you will always find excuses. Surprise yourself and start from tomorrow. Why not? What so important you have today that makes you unable to make yourself happy?

Don't lie yourself, if you disappoint yourself, and do this on your first step...What is left for life later? How will motivate you when you fall if you broke your own trust at the beginning?

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5. Think of future:

It is funny how day by day, nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.

One year from now you will be older...What can you do with your goals today so later when you look back it looks and feels so different and really satisfying? Do something now to be proud of later. Yes I know it is scary. Do you know what is also scary? Looking back in 20 years with regret for not doing the things you dreamed of because you felt scared of failure, change and people's opinions.

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Stay classy and bossy, until the next time check my articles collection below and some of my articles you may like...Kisses for everyone :*

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