Hello :)

This is a simple, but affective guide to find out what you should do with your life. If you have absolutely no idea what you want to do with your life, or you´re just bored a lot, i hope this will help :)

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Step one: Loose yourself for a while

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The following steps will only work if you are completly open to everything new. So i need you to step back a little from everything in your live rigth now, even yourself. Make your life and yourself a new blanc notebook, you can fill with new things, and also old thing if you want to keep them. You can reinvent youself anytime.

Step two: Ask yourself

I know, you´ve probalby already asked youself questions like:

- What do I want to do when I´m grown up ?
- What would suit me?
- What are my strengths?
- What am I actually good at?
- And what do I want ingeneral?

If you havent figured all that out, don´t worry. you will eventually. You can keep being a confused teen anytime.
Start with sitting down and reaaaaly reflecting on all of those questions.
write your aswers down.... think about your answers and correct them if you want.

Step three and four: Ask everyone else

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First you can ask all of your friends and family members what they would think would suit you, or just ask for general feed back about yourself.
Finding out who you are helpes a lot when you find out what you want.

Second ask around what others want and what they are interested in, find out new stuff, find new interessts.

Also, you don´t have to belive in stuff like that, but it can help reflect:
- what does you zodiac singh say about you (characteristics, how do you act, what do people like/ dislike about you....)
- chinese singh
- are you an ndogo, crystal or rainbow child
- are you a new or old soul

Step five: Stay open

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After recieving all that information about others and yourself, it is really important to not just sort things out that you may not like. Maybe someone gave you bad feed back or recomendet a hobby or interest you don´t like.
BUT reeeally think about it maybe even do some research on that topic. Don´t judge a book by its cover. Also work on yourself, nobody is perfect and so aren´t you. So keep working on youself. Don´t just excuse everything bad you do. That won´t get you anywhere. Try to make youself a better person.

Keep going, keep growing :)

Step six: Actual research

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OK, most of you will hate this, but you´ll have to do it at some piont. Depending on your age, do research on what you could study, what interest you. Maybe look for college majors you could take or stuff like that. Maybe take an online cours (coursera). Read books. the world hold so much you just have to take it.
Whatever it is.

Step seven: take chances and try

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If you ever have an opportunity to something that sparks your interest, even just in the slightest way, dot it! Knowing stuff, learning, makeing new experiences will always mae you more woke and aware of who you are and the world around you.
Try new thing, only good can come from it. Even if it was a bad experience, you still learned.You only can win.

Btw i know this all sound so easy and it kind of is, but also it takes a lot of time. Figuring out what you want and who you are takes a long time.

Step eight: Think about everything

what do i want to do in one year rom know,
where do i want to be in one year from now.
go further into the futrúre, 2 years 5 years 10 years, 16 years....
where do i wsnt to live (anywhere..america, bali, germany, sweden, japan, Thailand, France, Peru...endless possibilities.)
Whats your favorite color
do you like cats or dogs
do you like rain
whats your season
what´s my style
what kind of friend am i
what kind of friend do i want to ba

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And if none of these steps didn´t help, mostly pecause you where to lazy to do any of them.

What are you doing?
It´s your life.
Live it.
What´s wrong with you

You´re welcome.