Name : Ariana Angel Winters
Age : 16 yo
Hero name : Misty


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Misty is a fairy born of the union between mother nature and the wind. She took the form of a little girl found in the forest by Dr Sheldon Winters, thinking she was abandoned. His wife Marguerite, a french teacher, ask him to adopt the girl because of their inhabilities to have children. They adopted her and named her Ariana after Sheldon's mother. When she was 13, her parents died in a flight accident.


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Grey-blue crystal eyes, long brown hair, pale skin, fit body, freckles, pointy ears


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Misty wears pastel colors dresses, with lace and flower broderies. Most of the time, she had a white top and a voluminous skirt.


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Like Bubbles : sensitive, easy-crying ( a big crybaby ), cute, charming, romantic, calm, shy, childish, sushis lover.


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Aerokinesis : air and wind control, flying, "Life breath" : she can bring someone back to life using mouth-to-mouth contact


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French and litterature student, work in a library on her free time


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She had a french accent and a pet pegasus named Bijou.


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Raven, Starfire, Jinx and Terra

Love interest

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El diablo