What if you think nobody likes you? What if sometimes you feel blue? What if you don't like some people and you think they are annoying as fuck? What if you don't know where your future is going and you are stuck here feeling like shit and not moving foward? What if you are not going foward and you just stand in one place hoping and waiting for the good? Will it come? Do I have to move? Can I relax and wait? What if good times never come? What if I just keep standing here? What if I just keep waiting? What if I don't move, don't think, will the good days come? Will I be happy? Will I be surrounded with good people? How to get good people? How not to get the toxic rain from other people? How to save my body from the toxic destruction? How to save my head? How to save my heart which is suffering the most? You know the feeling when you can feel your soul because it fucking hurts? But why is my soul so hurted? The toxic rain, the toxic people destroyed my pretty soul which was always full of colors and happines. It was happy, and back then i have never felt my soul. I didn't know where my soul was because it never hurted. It was healthy and static. What if...how to...why?
Who is gulity? People.
How to have good time if people are bad? How to move and do anything good if they prevent you? How to be happy if you are surrounded with bad?
What if I just keep standing in one place, hoping for the best, moving from the toxic rain under my umbrella which is almost as broken as my soul because the toxic is too bad. Will it help? Will my praying help? For how long will my umbrella stand that? For how long will it keep me safe under it, inside my comfort zone, away from the bad people, just waiting, just hoping for the good, for the best..