Last night I finally watched Call Me By Your Name. I have been wanting to watch this for a while now because I heard the reviews were really good and I am a sucker for romance movies. I have seen many romance movies before this one, even a couple about gay love, and none of them lived up to CMBYN. This movie is so coming of age. Through out the movie there were many important topics portrayed, which is so important.
I would just like to start off by saying thank you to the actors. Timothee Chamlet and Armie Hammer both played their characters extremely well and I am so thankful for that. Next I would like to point out the concept that stood out to me the most, that being gay is not a choice. With out giving away a lot of spoilers for those who have not seen it yet (come on get on it) I would just like to point out one scene. at this point during the movie, Oliver and Elio know that they like each other "in that way" yet Oliver disappears for a little bit. Elio assumes that Oliver is sleeping with a woman so he does the same for revenge. During this sex scene it is shown that Elio enjoys having sex with this girl, he says "that felt good." Yet Elio still longs for Oliver and is sad for some part of the movie. This is so important because this scene shows that you can't choose who you love. Although Elio enjoyed inter course with this girl he is still in love with Oliver because being gay is not a choice. This is something the World is still learning and understanding and I am thrilled they showed it.
Another topic that CMBYN brought up was "doing the right thing. "Often Oliver and Elio were worried about "doing the right thing" and I believe it was because of their Jewish religion and the rules that aid by that religion, and/ or it could just be in general being gay is not favored for(especially during the 80s). After their first kiss, Oliver told Elio that they have been good so far and they want to stay good. I find it so sad that people have to hide who they are because it's considered bad. By the end of the movie the couple came out of hiding more bit by bit. Eventually Elio came out to his parents. Unfortunately, they could not be together, which brings up my final point.
What I also really liked about this movie which also further proves why it is a coming of age story is the not so happy ending. Sometimes life doesn't always work out, especially for people in the lgbt community. Not even thinking about the fact that Oliver was older than Elio, but more focused on the love of two people of the same sex that would be frowned upon. In the end, Oliver gets engaged to a woman yet over the phone he calls Elio by his name. Lets just say I was sobbing by this point. So, I really liked how real this movie was with showing the audience that true love exists, but life is nit perfect.
I hope this article inspires more people to watch this movie. Not to mention the fact that Armie Hammer is really hot in this movie. I hope this movie also inspires other people to think about the important topics portrayed by the characters. Treat everyone with kindness, accept people for who they are, accept yourself for who you are ( I am still working on that), love who you want to love, and live your best life because as the dad says in the end of the movie, " you only have your heart and your body once, love who you want to love." Okay I am going to go cry now. thanks for reading.
xoxo, Asia.

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