Hello again beautiful people,
here I am, as promised in my previous article, which you can find right here↴

In this article I am going to share my October goals. (I know we are already halfway through the month, but same thing, no?) I decided to make this thing public in the hope it can give me the right motivation to actually commit to it, and to push myself even further I am also going to write an article at the end of the month to share with you how many goals I was able to achieve and my thoughts on the matter.

Ok, here we go!

【October 2018 Goals】

Update my journal

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I used to this more regularly and it has always really helped me so much, it is important to make room for some introspective time and I need to start doing this again.

Watch two movies

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I like movies but for some reasons (maybe plain laziness) I never watch them as often as I’d like to :(

Follow my workout plan

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That is exercising three times a week

Follow my Korean learning plan

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I have a plain laid out to try and practice Korean as much as I can given my constant lack of time, probably gonna write an article about it

Update my Instagram at least thrice

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I never take enough pictures of what's around me and I really wanna change that

Write something

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Letting out creativity helps a lot in times of stress, I want to find the time to write some articles here on we♥it as well as some new chapters for my story

Go somewhere inspiring

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A museum, an interesting event, a beautiful city, whatever can keep me inspired works

☐ Try out a new recipe

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I'm not that much of a cook but developing new skills and learning new things is fun and useful. Also, when it comes to food... helps keeping people happy :)

That's it! Simple and short, as it should be if you don't wanna end up too stressed out ✿

Thank you for reading so far, see you soon!
Elle ♥

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