I have one thing left from you
One thing I can hold
One memento to tuck inside my room

A small blue bottlecap
Marked with the date
Still dusty from the road we walked on

I can hold it in my palm
Feel its weight
So light compared to what you left with me

I hold a million memories of you inside
Swirling through my mind
A constant stream of scattered daydreams

The first day we met
The way your eyes connected with mine
The way you smirked when I blushed

Admiring the silver ring you wear
Memorizing every detail about you
Daydreaming about your smile

Swapping music back and forth
Talking until the night ended
Playing your songs on repeat

When you stroked my thumb
The movie screen casting light on your face
Smile pulling up the corners of your lips

Gazing at the soft moon over the black water
Your arm around me, warm
Your breath on my neck

Humming along to songs in your car
Last minute plans, desires, and stupid whims
Glancing at your sideways smile

Now I can't even look you in the eye
I feel your gaze on me
And I look out the window instead

But I still remember your eyes in the dark
I can still hear your laugh, feel your touch on me
And under the same soft moon

I dream of you