Nature walks, no white sugar, no fried meals, more fruit, more vegetable, more vegan options, less meat, more water.

Trend of the new generation or a better lifestyle?

Both! But let's be realistic, this change is a good chnage.

We all know that things as sugar, meat or lot of bad fat could be dangereous for our health.

So, how to start, but feel good?

more water is the key

I know, coke with ice for your dinner is such a delicious thing, maybe you are satisfied, but what about your liver and kidneys?

Clear water is the most natural thing for our body.


  • has excellent absorption
  • does not contain hidden calories
  • suppresses appetite
  • is the basic building material of the body
  • dampens pain, It dampens the pain
  • contributes to the transformation of fats into energy
  • does not burden the kidneys
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nature walks

Walking helps reduce cholesterol levels and hence the risk of heart disease. For infarction prevention, a half-hour walk is sufficient daily.

As with any exercise, walking will improve your mood and avoid depression. The Portuguese study showed that patients with depression who started to walk for 30 to 45 minutes five times a week were significantly relieved after 12 weeks.

Choosing reduces the risk of developing some types of cancer. Women who spend at least seven hours a week have a 14 percent lower risk of breast cancer. Likewise, men who have treated prostate cancer and started to walk at least three hours a week have reduced the risk that the disease will return.

Do not you think it is a miracle that can do an extra few extra steps a day? It is best to do 6 to 10 thousand steps per day.

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vegan options

I am personally not a vegan, but more than 70% of my diet are vegan meals. I have never felt better. The herbal diet is very relieving, unless you feel better about it, but it will also change your view of the world and will help the environment.

Vegan food is very tasty and in 2018 there are many possibilities to include it at least partially in our diet.

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