I am absolute babe and my weight does not define me.

As a young girl, I was always confident of myself, regardless of my size, more so, regardless of the commentary about my size. But as I got older, my weight was my biggest flaw, in my eyes. I was always a small girl, less than the average or normal accepted size for a female in the Caribbean. The girls around me were curvier with hips and thighs that defined what a real girl should look like and even more so now, what a real woman should look like.

Interestingly enough, I prayed to God to develop my body. The first prayer came in junior high school for my breasts to grow and boy oh boy, they grew. While, I am only a size B or size C, depending on the bra type, for my size, my breasts appear bigger than they are. Then, the next prayer came for shape, and my little butt became more pointy. I still have my slim physique but with a little more shape to it, emphasis on little. I am slowly but surely becoming more and more comfortable with my body, but I definitely have my moments of self- doubt, especially regarding my size. My size varies from 2 and up to 4/5 depending on the material and/or sizing, but I get particularly insecure about my legs looking too small or my arms being too long and small or my head looking bigger than my body sometimes.

But I am working to the point where I can confidently look in the mirror and utter without a shadow of doubt that I am an absolute babe and my weight does not define me.