Hi cuties! It’s your fictional girl and today we’re talking about the most popular social media platform of our days – the Instagram, namely about the ways to upgrade your account.

Yes, babes, this one is going to be a very serious conversation. By the way, there will be a petite cute bonus waiting for YOU at the end of the article ;)

The IG. The insta life. That makes people go crazy and do insane things. It’s hard to resist the wish to have the perfect vacation, perfect makeup, perfect boyfriend/girlfriend after all lmao.

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Talking seriously, Instagram can help you promote your business, your YouTube channel, and even boost your confidence.
Today, many people are becoming Instagram models or bloggers and getting paid, or just having fun.

Of course, I couldn’t stand behind and watch, so I’m having fun experimenting with my insta  if you’re interested, too, then I have a few tips for you!

1. Creating good content

Your content is what your people are here for. So keep them interested, mind their suggestions, replies to your questions, etc. Don’t overdo it, though. It’s your page, not theirs. Only post what you like.
Find something that makes your acc stand out of the thousands. Something unique. Something that only your account has. It can be your passion for travel, books, quotes, aesthetics, pets, food, bullet journaling, - anything.

2. Interacting with your audience

Sure, asking your followers ‘do you like to breathe?’ is quite not so good. What to do if you want comments but don’t want to sound weird? Well, you can always post 1-10 pics and ask your followers which one is the best. You can simply share your thoughts or how was your day – we’re all human and this will bring you closer to each other.

A quick note on follows, likes and comments:
Go to a profile you like, open your fave post and see who liked/commented; then go to these accounts and like/comment some of their posts, or give them a follow. Doing these simple steps exposes you to more people. Plus, they will see you have common interests or even content, and follow you.

3. Having your eye on the latest trends

90s vibes are back and cooler than ever? Great. Try using these amazing filters, adding dust and light leaks, grain, etc. Nice FREE apps for making your photos looking cool are HUJI, Afterlight, R4VE, Photofox, Tadaa.

Live photos taking over the spotlight? Awesome. Do them.

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4. Switching to business tools

To do this you’ll need to link your Facebook account. Business tools give you a lot of benefits, to name just some of them:
- insights (next tip);
- your activity (time you spend on ig daily);
- promotions.

5. Insights

Insights allow you to get more information about activity on your acc, your audience, and about content.
The ‘activity’ field is here to demonstrate you how many clicks on your website, profile visits, discovery you received during one week.

In ‘audience’, you will be able to see at what time of the day/day of the week your followers are active the most – that’s the best time to post.

By clicking on ‘content’, you’ll see all of your posts sorted by likes, comments, follows, impressions, profile visits and etc. So you will understand what kind of pictures/videos your audience engages in the most.

But there is also ‘insights’ function under your posts, and this enables us to take a look on the success of this particular pic/video. After you click on ‘insights’ on a photo, just drag this tablet (idk how to call it) up, and you’ll get even more useful information.

6. Posting selfies A.S.A.P.

Yes, try to post selfies as seldom as possible
Although your selfies look bomb, try not to overdo it. People tend to like seeing how you live and what you do, not just seeing your beautiful face. It evokes this good feeling of being a team, close friends. Share pictures from events you attend, memory pics with your besties, outfits. Share a part of your life.

Lifehack from my own experience: when you post a selfie after a long time not doing so, you’re more likely to get a ton of comments and likes!

7. Aesthetic matters

Aspire to take good quality pictures and videos. You don’t have to have ‘instagram background’, just take a pic everywhere you find beautiful. Post flat lays sometimes, or accentuate the details of your outfit of the day.

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8. Videos

Recently videos are getting more popular than photographs, or so I noticed, scrolling through the ig all day every day (oops). Give it a shot.

9. Stories and highlights

Stories probably tell more about you than you can imagine. Share anything you want, I’ll just give you a couple of bits of advice:

- Hashtags and locations add your story to other stories with same hashtag/location. So your ‘reach’ goes up, and you’ll be discovered by a larger number of people;

- If you don’t want your tags and locations to show, hide them! Just drag them out of your visible story screen, and they will still be there bringing you active followers;

- Creating highlights is also beneficial: it keeps your stories sorted, and helps people who view your profile navigate and get an understanding of what you’re blogging about.

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Disclaimer: I beg your pardon for any mistakes I possibly made, English is not my native language.

This article was written by @prettyvintagebaby on the We Heart It Writers Team.