hi guys,
I made a autumn playlist like a month ago and i though lets share it with you. I really freaking love it. All the songs are acoustic or they are the acoustic versie from the song. the song are just really calming.
Just check them out.
I hope that youre going to like the song.

Chemicals - acoustic by Dean Lewis
"I found love with the chemicals"

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Waves - acoustic by Dean Lewis
"But there is a light in the dark
And I feel its warmth
In my hands, in my heart
But why can’t I hold on?"

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When you love someone - acoustic by James TW
"It don't make sense
The way things go"

September song by JP Cooper
"Our hearts had never been broken
We were so innocent darling
We used to talk ‘til the morning
You and I"

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I'm with you by Vance Joy
"My darling, I'm ready, to burst into flames for you"

The view things (with Charlotte lawrence) By JP saxe
"I don't say what's on my mind quite as much as you'd like me to"

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