• if it comes from a novel: situate the passage (what happens just before the passage, and if the excerpt is at the beginning of the novel just make some specific remarks about how it introduces the novel
  • summarize the passage to study
  • precise what kind of passage it is (a description, a piece of dialogue ect.) and to explain what it adds to the novel, why it is important
  • you can also talk about who's talking? who's writing? The point of view/standpoint. Do we have a reliable narrator or not? (you need to develop but not to answer this question)
  • annonce your analysis
  • need to be composed of two or three parts
  • the aim of a body is to expose something, to offer an interpretation and to show how your excerpt is written
Things you need to think about while analysing:
  • what is the fonction of the text?
  • symbolism (action, objects, characters etc.)
  • structure of the text ect.
  • strcture of the sentences, rhythm, images and their utility, metaphors...
What to avoid:
  • comments without quoting elements of the text or facts
  • using useless quotes
  • not interprating (if the text says "it is a Greek blue vase" don't only explain that the vase is blue, and is Greek. You need to develop.)
  • Don't hesitate to make parallels with other moments in the book if you think it is useful.
Don't neglect your conclusion. It is supposed to be a summary/ a review of the comments you wrote and to define the main characteristics of the excerpt.

If you have any question, just send me a message :)