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“...but man has ever been, most of anything, [prone to] dispute.” (The Cave: 54)

People may argue with you, and that’s just a part of life. We all are different and have different opinions. But what should we do if people argue with us or put us down?

One piece of advice God gives us:

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Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant. (The Heights: 199)

1. Hold to forgiveness
No matter how wild the argument gets, always (and especially) forgive the person you are arguing with. Remind yourself that they are human and they have feelings and make mistakes just like you. You never know, maybe the situation will change and you will be friends.

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2. Command what is right

Ofc it’s good to tell people the truth, but everything has a place and time. Tell them that you care about them, that is also right.

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3. Turn away from the ignorant

So when an argument starts, just turn away from it and focus on your relationship with that person.

And forgive them.

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it's nice to be right, but it's nicer to be nice

Being the first to walk away does not mean you've lost... it means you've won. Because you were the first to forgive. And Allah (God) rewards those who forgive.

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The Messenger of Allah said: "Allah does not increase a man in anything for his pardoning (others) but in honor..." (recorded in Tirmidhi: 2029)

Once I learned this, I started trying it, and girl, I can't tell you how my relationships have improved ❤❤❤