Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today, October 17th, is Love Your Body Day so I thought what better way to celebrate than write an article about self love. Your body truly is the only thing that will stay with you forever, so listen to your body and take care of it.

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I know a lot of people tell you that exercising is super important and that’s because it’s true! It will boost your metabolism (so you burn fat faster), and you will feel happier and stronger. I recommend about 15-20 minutes just exercising to slowly better yourself and work up your stamina! A few workouts I highly recommend are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or any Youtube video by the channels: Emi Wong, OFFICIALTHENX, and Blogilates. So grab a friend, put on a bomb playlist, and start working out!


To be honest, I used to think meditating was such a stupid thing to do, but ever since I got this app called Pacifica (not sponsored, but definitely recommend), I’ve been spending about ten minutes to myself. It’s so relaxing if you ever want to just cool down for a minute, and it also improves your heart and mood!


Maybe this is getting to the impression that this is more of a fitness article, but taking care of your body is what fitness is all about and drinking LOTS of water is also included in that. Drinking water will clear up your skin and flush out toxins in your body, leaving you with a clean (and healthy) slate. If you don’t like drinking water, try adding fruit or even a drop of honey to change it up a bit!


A lot of people say that the amount of sleep is determined by your age. That may be true, but it is always recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep, so don’t stay up late binge-watching Netflix!! Getting sleep is so incredibly important, as it will give you energy for the whole day and overall just makes you feel better. You should always make getting enough sleep your priority.


I kind of hate the term ‘eating clean’, but there isn’t really a better way to write this. By eating clean, it doesn’t mean you can only eat salad and green smoothies and all that, it just means watching what you eat and making sure you aren’t putting any harmful food/chemicals to your body. This not only keeps you healthier, but it will keep you from health conditions later on in life (not to say that it will 100% prevent you from developing issues in the future, but you will be less likely to).

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Your mental health is just as important (if not more) as your physical health. Toxic people are notorious for clouding your mind with harmful words or actions, so remove yourself from them as soon as possible. Surround yourself with people that care about you and have your best interest at heart and you will feel a hell of a lot happier.


I know this is quite random for me to write, but there are actually a lot of people that overlook their personal hygiene and end up getting sick. I’m sure you all already know this, but as a reminder, just wash your hands, take showers, wear deodorant, and all that other stuff.


Even if you don’t like writing, I strongly recommend keeping a journal. You can write down all your thoughts and feelings, what’s happening in your life, or just ideas that pop into your head. It’s good to get things out of your system, and keeping a journal is such a great way to do so! Also, in the future, you could just go back and read your old journals and see how far you’ve come!


I get that it can be difficult to just stop addictions (well, actually, not really, but you know), but doing drugs will do serious harm to your body. I’m not judging or anything, I believe everyone should live the way they want, but doing any kind of drug can prevent you from being yourself and feeling genuine emotion.


Smoking cigarettes or weed or anything else is also a terrible idea. It can cause lung cancer and will take a toll on both your physical and mental health. Enough said.

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This seems a little odd, I know, but practicing good posture (sitting/standing up straight) will help you in the long run. You’ll have a less likely chance of developing scoliosis and will keep you from straining your back or neck. So please, just stop hunching over and roll your shoulders back.


Your skin is your best friend, seriously. So take care of it by washing and cleansing everyday. Usually a facial cleanser is a good thing to put on in the morning and night time, and you can follow up with a face mask of some sort for a mini spa day. (There are some really inexpensive ones at Marshalls or TJ Maxx if you are ever looking for some, and I’m sure you can find them at any drug store.)


Don’t push yourself over the edge trying to accomplish something if your body is fighting it. It’s fighting it for a reason to listen to your body because it will know when you have overworked yourself. You want to make sure you are doing the best you can without putting yourself in pain. And if you are in pain, never ignore it.


There are so many calming things to do besides meditating. All you have to do is find which suits you best! Some things include painting, listening to music, going on walks outside, or just playing with your pet. It all depends on what you enjoy doing.


And lastly, make happiness your biggest priority. Do what you love, even if it’s the spur of the moment. If you want to get a manicure, go get one! If there’s a sale, allow yourself to splurge! Do whatever makes you happy, because happiness truly is the best way to take care of your mind and body.

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That’s all for this article! I really hoped you enjoyed reading and maybe you learned something from it!


This article was written by @dystopiaglory on the We Heart It Writers Team.