it's been a fucking while :) i missed writing on here so much and i miss everything about it. school is taking so much time off my day, being tired af every day and having a writer+art block lol. A N Y W A Y S.

i hope each one of you is doing well whilst reading this. if not i can be that person to open up to if u ever need to i'm here x.

movingggg on,

1. this is my updated playlist : (just in case y'all need some motivation). this is the playlist i'm listening to before school so that i can MAYBE at some point start functioning. I DO NEED TO UPDATE IT SO PLS HMU WITH SOME GOOD MUSIC

music, art, and statue image

2. you are blessed. wherever you are right now, whatever you're doing right now, you are blessed. you are on we heart it, therefore, you have internet, something not everyone is capable of having.

3. idek what is this article i just missed writing tbh.

4. i have some great article ideas so stay tuned lolol

4. i should proceed to carry out my homework. BUT I WILL BE BACK BC I MISSED THIS AND I MISSED U GUYS. :))

have a great day