hi beautiful people, so today I decided to post my first article about fashion and what's trendy this fall season, hope that you like this article about what going on in the fashion world.

knee boots

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the must have this year, this boots are everywhere right now.

neon jumpers

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fluo 90's/80's colors are back just search for the right jumper, you can find them in thrift shops.

animal prints

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everyone talks about them this year, just make it simple.

oversized sweaters

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they're just cosy and warm and cute, the perfect thing.

plaid pant

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the classiest thing ever, the best thing is to make it a little bit sporty, you can add some chunky sneakers or just vans.


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the ultimate accessory that change the whole look.

this is the end, I hope that you'll like it guys.

"simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance"
_Coco Chanel