Hello, everyone! Writing this article just to give you some inspiration and to remind myself that autumn is an incredible time. Those simple things that are totally remarkable worth paying attention on them!


Golden trees and plants are getting rid of old leaves. They become free and after some time they're ready to start over. So you can do the exact same thing – leave behind all the negativity, wrong affirmations, misfortune and unnecessary connections following the rhythm of nature. As for me, autumn is the time to put your life back together.

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The beauty is all around you. It's literally everywhere. Fall is the best time for walks in the parks or forest. You contemplate myriad bright colors that nature has created. All the picturesque landscapes are agreeable to the eyes and amorous songs of birds are pleasant for the ears. The connection with the nature and the Universe you find within is unbreakable. What could be better than spending time outside in fall?

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It's finally the time for hot drinks! Tea, latte and hot chocolate are ready to warm us up!

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Fall weather is incredible and lovely in my city. It's mostly sunny and the sun itself makes me smile and happy!

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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!

Even on rainy days there's a portion of happiness. Who doesn't love that coziness when you're covered by a cute plaid diving into a new reality (reading a book) while it's raining outside?

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Goodbye, mosquitoes and insects! A paradise for those who are scared of them.

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Hello, cute hoodies and cozy sweaters! I'm in love with that piece of clothing.

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Trick or treat! Halloween is probably the most epic and legendary party of autumn. You can dress up as someone who inspires you. You meet up and have fun with friends. Dance all night. Watch movies on your own choice: Harry Potter, horror movies or graphical cartoons.

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Autumn is an astonishing and extraordinary time! Enjoy your fall and be happy! Thanks for reading!