It is the time for the best season ever and I'm sure we all want to experience that perfect autumnal day. By following these steps you might be able to feel the coziness
1. Wake up a bit earlier so you have enough time to spare
2. Open your window and clean up your room
3. Make yourself warm breakfast and tea/coffee
4. Go on tumblr, we heart it, watch tv show or some spooky film
5. Get dressed ( wear some sweater and comfy jeans and if it is hot just throw on a cardigan)
6. Go out by yourself, explore the places around you, take some pictures, listen to your favourite music
7. Go on the bench and write anything (you can write about what you see, about people around you or how you feel) or read
8.Come home in the afternoon and make something sweet ( cookies, brownies, oatmeal)
9.Play music really loud and jam
10. Relax