Dear Shakespeare,
why didn't You have mercy on the souls so young? The innocence and love was of the purest kind yet You let them kill it. You can't find a feeling more beautiful, albeit it was not to last, for the faith was star-crossed since the very first glance.

Beg your pardon if You find offence in my words, albeit I cannot bring myself to celebrate You for the act so cruel. Although, your craft of storytelling is just a wonder to a person like me, and I won't aim to take away the title of a master from You, it's beyond me why poor Romeo and Juliet couldn't bring joy into our lives for a while longer.

You may answer that their tragic, dramatic faith makes for a good play. Oh, it does, that's not up for a debate. However, why the lesson must be so hard, so costly to teach us? Are we really of that atrocious kind that it takes two lives to prove our mistakes? Have we always been this blind? Do parents with their only best interest for a child kill it along the way out of distracted prejudices, and antiquated beliefs?

Sincerely Yours,


This is just a short reflection on Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet and the words I wish I could tell him.