you are the prettiest flower i know, and honestly i could write a thousand words and it still would never be enough to describe how ethereal you are. there isn't a word out there that would ever sum up how perfect you are. your presence isn't too much, it's not suffocating. it's comforting. like you were just always there. the kind of presence that made me completely forget how it felt before i met you. and i love everything about you. how your eyes are shaped when you laugh or how when you smile really hard, you dimples become visible. or how you crinkle your nose when you find something amusing or how you just do it subconsciously without even noticing yourself. you remind me of everything pretty, even though none of those things could ever compare to you, the little pretty things i find in life remind me of you. pretty paintings remind me of you. raindrops on vibrant colored flowers remind me of you. how you pass through my mind casually throughout the day. and i honestly don't know how you do it. how you captivate everyone by just existing. you're so genuine, that it makes my heart do flips when you talk about something you're passionate about. how shy you get when you think you're getting carried away and i just wanna poke your dimples and tell you to keep going because i could hear you talk aimlessly about absolutely nothing for hours. but you can't hear me and you don't know me, so i hope theres someone who does listen to you talk about anything and everything for hours. someone who loves your cute features as much as i do. someone or even a group of people who makes you feel so appreciated, that your heart does flips like mine does. you're too cute for the universe's sake, huang renjun. ♡