I remember the first day we talked. I didn't know you but I thought you were nice, I did not have any intention but talk and gain a new friendship.

Time passed through and I began to know more thing about you; you were better than I expected, and I liked that. Suddenly, I saw the beauty of your appearance and feelings. I tried to deny but it was obvious that I began to like you, more than as a friend.

We talked frequently. Without thinking, I asked you for hugs to feel you closer, which I enjoyed as you don't have any idea. Feeling your body against mine, your arms around me, and smell your aroma made me the happiest person on earth.

Not even with my friends around, being with you, I could stop feeling nervous. I was terrified of the idea of say something stupid or meaningless, but I still liked to feel your presence and the attention you gave me when I spoke.

It hurt me when we couldn't talk, or when you didn't even say hello. Watch you far or close but without you eyes looking at mine broke my heart little by little; see how you laughed without me, or that I was not who caused that beautiful smile made me feel like shit.

Every time that you came close to me when there wasn't nobody around, I did not know how to react, the nerves seized me and I just froze. I liked to observe every single part of your face, and look at the beauty on it. Your eyes, the brightness inside them, and how they got smaller every time you laughed; that smile that I probably won't find one as beautiful as yours. It was just perfect and it fit harmoniously on your face.

Sometimes I've thought if I should ask you what is what you exactly feel or think of me. but to be honest I'm terrified of the idea of receiving the answer I wouldn't want to heard.

You confuse me more than I'd like to, I do not have the secure that you feel the same I do, or if you just see a friendship between us. The coldness sometimes you show provokes insecure in me, but all the affection you give me when we're together makes me feel the happiest and the most blessed person in the world.

But not all in my life is you, not all my happiness depends of a person. I like you and whatever, but I have to think first in me before than in you.

I thank you for had appeared in my life and make me happy with every sweet word came out from your mouth, or every warm hug you gave me; but it is over. I know I deserve something better than an impossible love that the only thing it does is confuse me and make me suffer without a reason at all. Yes, maybe there is a little chance between us, but for now I want to be happy without problems nor worries.

-Some who loved you.