Hii! I'm here again, after a while.
I was given the idea for this article by @byunonthemoon, so thank you very much, because I haven't thoght about writing about this creature before you told me.


art, painting, and sea image

Are you a Ghost?

*Seems to be innocent but it's not at all.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Abusive image skins, KAYA SCODELARIO, and Effy image

*Her lips are like cherries in the spring.

Image by Alison Smith HP lips, girl, and grunge image Temporarily removed Abusive image

*No bra club.

paris, bra, and woman image Abusive image Abusive image fashion and beauty image

*Kiss like the Devil.

90's, blonde, and blue image bite, girls, and kiss image black and white, boyfriend, and couple image couple, love, and kiss image

*Really stylish.

black and white, clothes, and fall image Temporarily removed girl, black and white, and sexy image cafe, coffee, and fashion image

*Obsessed with horror, mistery movies and series.

horror, scary, and movie image misery, grunge, and movie image horror, serie, and 2011 image Abusive image

*Loves flowers.

Temporarily removed art, beauty, and chic image rose, flowers, and red image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image

*Is always in search of her freedom.

girl, model, and photography image 90s, alternative, and art image nature, child, and green image Temporarily removed

*Very funny once you know her.

couple, night, and grunge image girl, nature, and vintage image car, nature, and summer image girl, friends, and friendship image

*Doesn't feel comfortable with strangers.

Image removed girl, book, and beauty image Alyssa, james, and jessica barden image Temporarily removed


girl, window, and smoking image summer image

*Lives at night.

girl, blue, and night image color, lights, and pink image fireworks, light, and vintage image Image removed

*Loves windy and cold days.

flowers image autumn, fall, and city image Image removed window, winter, and rain image

*Seems to be cold, but in the inside its very sensitive.

quotes, hurt, and cold image adele exarchopoulos, blue is the warmest color, and cry image flowers, photography, and beauty image Temporarily removed

*Uses her coldness and sarcasm to protect herself from the world.

aesthetic, black, and coffee image quotes, sarcasm, and red image Mature image amazing, beauty, and breakfast image

*Very moody.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed

*Gets lost in alcohol.

alcohol, alcoholic, and beauty image drunk, sad, and sadness image blond, drink, and fashion image Image removed

*Thinks about death.

gothic and Halloween image Temporarily removed Crystal Castles image aesthetic, girl, and lips image

*Is always homesick.

crazy, grunge, and mind image window, vintage, and photography image Temporarily removed house, autumn, and indie image

*Lives each day as if it was her last day on earth.

tattoo, live, and fast image girl, photography, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

*Loves the city.

Image by tenderlygirl fashion, shoes, and style image Image removed fashion, girl, and style image

*Old souls.

Image removed quotes, soul, and book image tea, blue, and cup image kiss, love, and art image

*Loves classic stuff.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed dress and flapper image music, aesthetic, and vintage image

*Prefers being barefoot.

Temporarily removed girl, 60s, and black and white image water, feet, and photography image accessories, barefoot, and beautiful image

*Is always wandering around, especially down the city.

girl and indie image fashion, girl, and landscape image Image removed black and white, girl, and fashion image

*Loves the smell of popcorn and old books.

popcorn, food, and vintage image Image removed book, old, and read image Image removed

*Doesn't answer you messages.

meme, messages, and seen image sarcasm, seen, and ignored image

*Bad friend of technology.

quotes, phone, and life image girls, lol, and party image

*Writes letters and keeps them to herself.

letters and vintage image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed letters, vintage, and Letter image

*Loves fairy lights.

light and window image Image removed christmas, christmas lights, and dark image bedroom, room, and decor image

*Hates being bother.

Temporarily removed blonde, girl, and guitar image

*Loves sunsets.

beautiful, evening, and sky image sunset, ocean, and sun image sunset, beach, and city image daydreaming, love this, and tumblr image


eyes, eye, and beauty image beauty and photography image Image removed girl and tumblr image

*Is lonely but doesn't want to.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, vintage, and bedroom image vintage, 70s, and retro image

*Knows the lyrics of all her music, and sings them loud.

grunge, hipster, and indie image vintage, music, and old image aesthetic, vintage, and music image Abusive image

*Needs to scape from reality.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It flowers, photography, and beauty image Image removed grunge, tumblr, and people image

*Doesn't go to church.

Image removed candle and dark image black, cathedral, and church image aesthetic, Catholic, and christian image

*Halloween is her season.

aesthetic, autumn, and fall image Cookies, Halloween, and pumpkins image autumn and fall image autumn, Halloween, and pumpkin image

*Very lazy.

books, coffee, and cozy image milk, coffee, and cozy image girl, bed, and vintage image gossip girl, chocolate, and food image

*Would be a good friend of a Witch, it's very compatible with them.

cat, girl, and black image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl and friends image

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