• Full Name: Rose Fidget Muller
  • Nickname(s): Rosie
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: June 14
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Ethnicity: Only from Wizard's World
  • Hometown: The States of the Elves.


  • Hair
blue hair, colorful, and colors image blue image blue, colorful, and colors image blue, blue hair, and cabelo image
She got short dark blue hair. It's because she was a witch but she was banned.
  • Eyes
rainbow, eyes, and eye image Temporarily removed
She has got Rainbow eyes. Before, she had black eyes but, then she became an elf, her eyes became lighter.
  • Face & Body
beauty, lingerie, and models image body, girl, and photo image girl, beauty, and freckles image Temporarily removed
She is tall & very pale. She is a beautiful girl. Her face make her older.


  • Everyday
black, boots, and dress image dress, fashion, and flower image dress, fashion, and flower image Temporarily removed
She loves black dresses so she wears them every days with heels.
  • At School
fashion, pink, and skirt image Temporarily removed aesthetic image Image by PINKC
At school, she studying flowers so she has to wear a pink skirt & a white shirt. With them, she wears a jeans jacket & white heels.
  • For ball
body, dress, and flower image shoes, black, and heels image fashion, girl, and jewelry image black dress, dress, and dresses image
Black dresses & black shoes.
  • For events
fashion, style, and glasses image fashion, pink, and style image shoes, pink, and fashion image fashion, girl, and pink image
Classy pale outfit. She Always wear pink shoes.


  • Everyday
chic, closeup, and eyes image lips, makeup, and beauty image
  • At school
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • For ball
makeup, pink, and beauty image black, lips, and aesthetic image
  • For events
Image by ave red, lips, and aesthetic image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes image red, aesthetic, and lights image talk, people, and me image
She is cold, kind & very mature. She is not out-going.


  • Music
musica and violin image violin, music, and vintage image
She plays violin.
  • Other
book and vintage image garden, gardening, and vegetable image
She likes gardening.


dress, fashion, and black image city, light, and night image fotografía and negro image aesthetic, angel, and angelic image
She likes dresses, black, night, Butterfly & The Fairies.


witch, movie, and The Craft image Image by Mary Nacca 🐼 Image removed beach, sea, and nature image
She dislikes The Witches & The Mermaids. She also hates parties & the beach.

Favorite Color(s)

quotes, amazing, and black image

Significant Other

alone, subtitle, and movie image
She is single.

Old Halloween Costumes

art, beauty, and blue image makeup, flowers, and make image


harry potter image Legolas, LOTR, and lord of the rings image
She is a student in The Wizards School & also one of the Elves' representative.


Image removed flowers, hydrangea, and nature image flowers, rose, and pink image Temporarily removed
She can controls plants because she is the Elves' plants representative, also the Elves' power & the flowers power, her specialities.


animal, deer, and nature image
Sweetie, her doe.

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