Hey Hearters,
Autumn is here and there is no better season then Autumn for a spa day, So here is how you can the most luxurious yet inexpensive Autumn spa day.


skincare and beauty image


Exfoliate, Cleanse, Tone.


pot of boiling water, towel and relaxing music for 10-15 minutes,


Chose your favorite ( sheet, clay, charcoal) whilst watching your favorite Halloween movie.
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brush that hair and apply your favorite hair mask ( Shine, repair, growth etc.).

. Wash

Get those Autumn scented shampoo and conditioner and was those locks.

.Air dry

Give your Hair a break from the heat and let it dry naturally.
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. Bath

Get your favorite Autumn bath bomb and let that tub fill up.
Exfoliate and shave.
Don't forget those Autumn scented candles.
Afterwards Body lotion and perfume.
Temporarily removed
Watch your favorite cartoons, T.V show or of course Halloween movie.
Eat chocolate and drink hot chocolate or even better a pumpkin spiced latte.
Scroll through We Heart It.
Listen to your favorite music while napping.

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