I just want to discuss about the things-i-feel whenever I listen to these blessings given to us here on earth.

Kim Taehyung

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Deep. Soothing. The type of voice that makes your body relax without you knowing you're body's so tense until you listen to his voice, like massaging you to relax your body.

Ooh~ Don't get me started with his sexy growls. It makes my body shudder. Makes me feel . . hot

The deep notes that make you relax your body and the high notes, knowing to be having a deep voice. . he gives you the goosebumps when he reaches such note for him.

Jeon Jungkook

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Honey. Smooth. I think almost all the fics that I read, the reaction videos that comments about his voice describes it with these two words.

He has a very sweet voice. The voice that makes you feel like a teenage girl, feeling the rumbling butterflies on your stomach. The fast beating of your heart as you listen closely to every note and every word that escapes.

An attractive boy with such an attractive voice to match.

Min Yoongi

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I agree with Taehyung when he said that Yoongi has a "different" style of rap for different song. Just variety of styles(?) It's hard to put it into words

He knows what he's doing. His rap is powerful and he knows that. He knows.

I was listening to DDAENG awhile ago and when it was his part, I swear I can imagine him pouting while rapping a specific phrase or part in the rap.

He can be cute and sexy at the same time.

Honestly, I'm so weak when it comes to his parts, I just feel . . weak .

Kim Namjoon

Temporarily removed

Thirst of all, FIRST! When I was looking for a photo to slab here in this article. . I feel soO attacked. Joonie's making his way to being my bias wrecker I don't know anymore who is my bias wrecker.

Okay so, Namjoon. D-Did you listen to h-his part in ddaeng? The s-stuttering part?

Good lord I was so blessed on hearing that. His voice just, effortless you know? It's like someone just threw him the mic while chilling and he's killing it once he opens his mouth.

His style can be wild and wrecked or keeping it low but cool know what I'm saying?

Kim Seokjin

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I know . . Christ we are so blessed.

High Notes. The ones that hear when you step out of your room after hibernating for days fangirling about BTS.

But seriously, Jin's voice makes you feel like you're sliding on cloud slides and stumbling over marshmallow ground. That's how I picture what I feel about this attractive guys voice.

Oh! I remember his high note in magic shop! In the second chorus I think? Wooft I sing along with the rest of the parts and dance around, but when it comes to that part, I literally freeze and pay attention to the high note that is coming.

That's how he affects me okay? He literally makes me freeze.

Jung Hoseok

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Cue the DJ to play my favorite song for this guy.

Mic Drop

Woof me up Hobi. I can't with his rap. It's what makes him, him.

How does he rap so calmly while dancing with snappy moves?

a haku matata oh!
okay that was out of nowhere but hey

He hypes me up. He's the guy that makes me want to move my body and say "aye aye" I know it's cringey but hey, he has that effect. okay?

Park Jimin

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his high notes make my pssy cry

I'm kidding! Pff haha okay okay ehre we go.

His voice is a suit and tie type.


He does this thing with his voice, where. . hm listen to his part in Blood Sweat and Tears when he sings:

nae pi ttam nunmul
nae majimak chumeul
da gajyeoga ga

내 피 땀 눈물
내 마지막 춤을
다 가져가 가

Woof it's hard to pin point that thing he does when he sings, like switching his tone?note?voice?what?

Okay I'm rambling non-sense

His voice is an embodiment of a boyfriend


Thank you for reading my not-useful guide(?) to what I think about these talented boys and more not-useful guide(?)'s in the future.