Hey darlings, Sofie here!♡
As we have a small, one-week vacation at the moment, I have decided to revise my everyday morning routine & how it differs from the one I had during the summer vacation. I think it's really funny to see exactly how a person adapts to the season & what changes, so I hope you will enjoy my morning routine!♡

6 am

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My alarm clock rings at 6 am every morning, during the autumn months I just sleep in an old sweater.

6.03 am

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At the exact moment my alarm clock rings, my dog (a collie) sprints from one end of the house till my room & jumps straight onto my stomach for good morning-hugs.♡

6.05 am

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My dog retreat to my feet to warm them up, my mom have said good morning & hugged me, so I grab my phone & check my social medias (SnapChat, Facebook/Messenger & WeHeartIt, are the main ones I use).

6.20 am

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During the morning I drink three glasses of water, eat one piece of toast (with either honey or Nutella on it) & drink a cup of tea.

6.35 am

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After I have eaten I go into my bathroom & start brushing me teeth, brush my hair, do my skincare routine etc..

7 am

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At 7 am I'm done at the bathroom & I go into my room to get dressed. Some days I'll already have something laid out from the night before, other times I stress about what to wear.♡

7.15 am

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At 7.15 am I'll put my lunch into my backpack, as it is the only thing left to do. I pack my school books the night before.

7.20 am

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At 7.20 am, my mom drives me to the train station.


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At 7.25 am, we arrive to the train station & I exit the car, while my mom drives to work.


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I typically just talk with my friend, the train arrives at 7.32 & then it's all chaos because everyone sucks at going into the train haha. Literally, everyone wants to use the same door & no one bothers to move, it is so annoying.


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Once the train have arrived at the station I begin walking to my school.

8 am

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At 8 am precisely I have reached my school & walk to my classroom.

8.05 am

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At 8.05 our lessons start!♡
I honestly enjoy talking to you guys about my day & what motivates me so much! It's truly so calming.♡
I were wondering if you guys would be interested in an article about come to school with me? Because I think it would be really cool, so that's something I consider a lot.
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