Most of us have traveled by plane sometime in our lives. This is the guide for making you more comfortable while you're up in the air!


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Wearing your best and nicest outfit might not be the best alternative on a plane. I usually wear track pants, or make another comfy yet stylish choice. If you're traveling to a hot place, do yourself a favor and pack shorts in your backpack/purse, so you can change at the airport if necessary. I also like to wear a cute, basic crop top underneath a soft hoodie, so I have options there too. Don't forget them sunglasses, and last but not least - do not wear high heels on the first day of your vacation if you're not used to it. Been there, done that.

The bathroom

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I don't know about you, but my bladder isn't made to keep it in for 5 hours straight. Imagine: You're traveling alone, sitting by the window and your bud next seat is asleep. You have to pee so bad, but don't want to bother the other passengers.
Well, listen up. You will feel so much better afterwards! And imagine the bathroom selfies; I've heard it's good lightning in there. So chin up and do your body a favor. Plus, think about the drinks you now can enjoy;)

Skin care

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As we know, the air up in the planes can make your skin very dry. Therefore, I recommend you to travel without makeup. Bringing a moisturizer (in a travel size, of course) and some fresh facial spray never fails. If you want to go all in, you can bring a sheet mask! I did this on my last flight. Got some eyes on me, but it was mostly fun.

Time killers

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Yes, yes; let's admit it. We all download a bunch of movies and series from Netflix when we now there is time to kill. And there's no problem in doing that, but I want you to challenge yourself on your next flight by bringing a book or even a magazine. And if you're into learning new languages, maybe you should buy a magazine from the country you've been visiting on your way home? This way, you get to learn words and expressions with modern and topical manner, while reading about something that interest you.

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