Hello there everyone,

So, yeah, hi, here's my first article ever written on this website. A small introduction, I am a Dutch art school student and I work at a museum. In my spare time I absolutely love to read (like many here), I enjoy finding fun things to do, cooking fancy foods and watching artsy films. The music I listen to is usually a bit old school rock (like Pink Floyd) or alternative stuff but I am usually very open to other genres. I am organised in my own chaotic way and sometimes realise how strange life can be in the environment that I am in. I wanted to write something on here for a while and I promised myself I would do so if I passed a 100 followers, so here we are!

Now I really wanted to hear about you guys as well!
Tell me your likes, your dislikes, where you're from, teach me cool things to say in your language. Do you have any cool songs or nice movies I should see or listen to? Or good recipes to try out, anything. Send me some good art, or tell me about our favorite artists, things you like to do. Maybe you heard a brilliant joke last week. Anyway, I hope I'll get some responses, it'll be nice to get some new input from new people!

I hope you all have a very nice day,