On average a person says 7000 to 20000 words a day. Have you ever thought that some of those words might change someone's life?
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I've been seeing 30-day writing challenge articles all over We♡It. Eventually, I've decided to join. However, as you might know, I dislike just writing about myself with no evident purpose whatsoever. I love to write articles that might make you laugh, inspire you or help you. So, I'm going to pick prompts that can actually turn into an article that fits at last one of the criteria above. With that said, here we go, Day One:
"Why do you always underestimate yourself?"
The six words stood out, out of the sea of 7000 words my classmate had spoken that day. The words stayed with me, the six words were now immortalized. A fate that their 6994 siblings may never face. Those were the six words that changed my life.
See at that time my life had been full of words like "can't" and "not enough" that I had immortalized.
I let them decide my faith, prevent me from even trying. Why try if I can never be enough anyway? The six words came to battle those that came before. The battle made me reevaluate my abilities. Maybe I could. So I stood up and shot the ball at the basket, it didn't fall right in, but he encouraged me to do it again. That is when it did. That was when I decided to keep on trying.
The war has been won. Now the six words that were spoken that day stay with me for life. Reminding me of my value, reminding me to keep on trying.
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Be careful wich words you immortalize, for they rule your kingdom. -Angelinpurgatory 🂡