Halloween isn't even gone and we're going to deal with Christmas presents?

Of course, buying presents and packing them perfectly for our loved ones for Christmas is never as simple as we thought.

What for who?

It's good to always think and remember what they like, your older brother likes fashion and he is still talking about a new scarf from Gucci?
Some fashionable piece for him will be the right thing.

Your boy can't stop listening to Jay Z? Okay, I know, the OTR II tour is over, but some t-shirt or image with him will surely surprise him.


One big chapter. Mostly as girls we don't know much about what to buy for our dads. We often deal it with alcohol, but not everyone likes it. Wouldn't it be better to try this Christmas something more original?
The nice thing is to get the food basket of things, which your dad likes. Try to buy some pasta, dried tomatoes, pesto, some sort of cheese, quality chocolate, coconout flour, dried fruit. Maybe all of you will be pleased with a good dinner.

What do our mothers need? Definitely rest!
The word wellness is mostly a dream for our moms, make the dream come true.
Buy voucher for a massage, a sauna or a whirlpool.

Best friends

Well, this should be so easy. Every day we communicate with them, we chat during the night, we say our biggest secrets, we go shopping together.
We know exactly what they want to. Or try to make an album with shared photos and write a few reasons why they are our loved ones.

Neutral tips

Tell me who doesn't need good shampoos, conditioners or a hand cream? It's a everyday need, but it can still be a good thing. Especially in a Christmas package with a beautiful scent.

Run to sephora, buy some hand creams, face hydrating masks, peelings, body gels, mascaras, make-up napkins and try to make a beautiful package.

Enjoy this Halloween and don't forget to start shopping!

Bye for now,

with love Natalia.