Silent screams
Interrupted by gasping for air
Swollen eyes empty of tears
Thunder in the heart
Lightening pain in the chest
A woman in the middle of a storm
Lying safely in her bed
But alas!
She cannot seek shelter from the storm
When the storm is inside her

She is swimming in stormy water. High, powerful waves are lashing her, continually pushing her towards the deep. She is only in company with her worst enemy: herself. Fighting towards a storm she is making. Salt tears mixing with the ocean.

Waving her arms and legs
Waving in the waves.
Becoming one of the waves
Becoming the storm

She can't breathe.
Can't breathe.

Must breathe
She must breathe!

She must breathe. She must swim.
Swim darling, swim. Do not let your tears drown you.

But how, she asks. How can I fight water, when water is in every cell of my body? How can I fight something that makes me who I am?

How can I swim from myself without losing myself?