Dear first love,

i shouldn't be writing about you. i tried too hard to forget you but seems like i never can. i shouldn't even have made you a part of my life. i should've gone the other way. they say- everything happens for a reason. and i'm still trying to find the reason why i met you. you were neither a blessing, nor did you teach me a lesson.
or maybe you did, i don't get attached to anyone now. you taught me not to attached to anyone easily. i've locked my heart up.. i don't know if it's a good thing or bad.

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everything was fine till we were 'just friends'. almost been 2 years. we talked but it was not the 'real talk' changed. maybe i ruined everything. why did i fall for you? when you didn't even appreciate my presence, when you didn't even make time for me. i'm stupid, dumb, and young.
i should've known..but i will forget about you one day. but i still hope that you're happy and spend your life with someone who truly loves you.
"life will go on, with or without you"

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