The term “riding in style” isn’t just reserved for the people sporting cool cars, or remarkable yachts, it’s also for the individuals who don’t want to settle for regular seats when flying to a destination.

Many high-earners travel around the world to explore new ideas, and work on building their companies. Since they travel frequently, it only makes sense that they, too, want to be as comfortable as possible, in their space. And what better way to do just that, than to travel in style in the air?

Here are some of the world’s airplane models with the best luxurious interior:

Cessna Citation Longitude

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Citation Longitude is one of the world’s most luxurious private jets

Dubbed as a revolution in business aviation, the Citation Longitude®, is a super-midsize business jet, which has the most sleek, and the quietest interior in its class - featuring a comfortable and spacious cabin with superior fit and finish, to make sure every business owners and travelers are not just travelling in style, but also in comfort.

The reason why it has the quietest interior is because the space is designed, specifically to filter out the sound energy passing through the cabin. That means flyers can enjoy a peaceful slumber after a long day of doing business. It also has a double club configuration, giving the people more legroom, and maximum comfort. It is also built and designed to fully lay-flat seats, crafted for smooth mobility.

If there are people looking to get sleep, there are also some who prefer to be productive and finish more tasks while in flight. Natural light is in plentiful supply, with the 15 large windows giving optimal viewing. Not to mention, it is designed with a wireless cabin management system, which includes Bluetooth capability.

The cabin service of this airplane model will surely delight all flyers, as it caters to several refreshments, generous cold storage, large supply cabinets, and space for an espresso maker and microwave oven.

Bombardier Global 7000

If you’re looking for real luxury, look no further. The Global 7000 is designed to be the ultimate long-distance, purpose-built private jet, which is an extension of one’s home and office. The cabin is designed “around” you, and gives you the freedom to effortlessly travel, while enjoying a tailored luxury and elevated flight experience. The Bombardier Global 7000 is a smooth ride, a range leader (industry-leading 7,700 nautical mile range, a top speed of Mach 0.925), with four true living spaces, best seats, and a fly-by-wire technology. It also features an advanced air management system capable of delivering 100% fresh air or the turbo heat and turbo cool feature, to rapidly raise or lower cabin temperature.

The cabin can be configured in a number of ways. It can be configured and turned into a full dining room, and a multimedia theater. The flyers will also get to enjoy resting in a private bedroom, which is nothing short of luxurious! It already includes different furnishings, and a true stand-up shower in the En Suite.

While the interior is the most remarkable thing about this airplane model, it also boasts savory fine cuisine, which are meticulously prepared in the aviation industry’s largest, and most well-appointed kitchen.

Boeing 787-8 BBJ

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Sam Chui The world’s private dreamliner

Out of all airplane models with impressive and luxurious interior, this would definitely be part of the Top 3. This Boeing 787-8 BBJ (Boeing Business Jet), is the brainchild of Kestrel Aviation Management's Stephen Vella. This is a state-of-the-art $224 million carbon-composite airliner, and the first Boeing Dreamliner purpose-built to be a private jet. Since it is the very first, it only makes sense that they made this as luxurious, elegant, as possible - from the interior, to the fittings, which are custom engineered from scratch. The interior is a whopping 2,400 square feet. There’s plenty of room for the whole family.

What else does this airplane model have? Well, the main lounge can accommodate up to 16 guests. The two large tables can be used for dining pleasure (just spend quality, bonding time with family, close friends, or business partners), or conference (those who would like to be productive while in flight).

Of course, dining is as pleasurable as one can imagine. The table is beautifully set-up, and even has many unique and interesting glass decorations. If a flyer is bored, he or she can even settle for a game of chess with a friend!

The two sofas in the middle of the cabin may be separated or combined together with a touch of a button! Flyers may also enjoy their rest time inside the master suite, which boasts a California king bed, a walk-in closet, and a master bath with a double-size shower and heated marble floors! And if you need help, you can call the attention of the crew, which iis hand picked from the parent company, Hainan Airlines Group (HNA).

There are many airplane models with such luxurious interior! Which is your favorite?

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