🎀 = LGBTQ+ friendly x
(unmarked is unknown but they aren't problematic x)
This is my youtube Stan List.

Shane Dawson. 🎀

Ok possibly the most iconic person on youtube, my bb Shane. Almost everything on youtube nowadays is trashy, but Shane has been giving TV worthy content and its amazing. He uses his platform to do things that other people are curious about and want answers for.
I'm 18 now, but I've been watching Shane since I was like ten. He's hilarious and makes quality content. He's so sweet and genuine and always pulls through. We love a sister x
I love the squad and you should totally stan them if you don't.

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Shane is the biggest queen on youtube.
Garrett Watts 🎀

I love Garrett with my whollllleeeee heart holy shi-
His upload schedule is everywhere but we all know partly why. Garrett is one of the most gold-hearted people I stan, I love him sm, he's funny and-
Quality content right here ok, stan him. He's friends with shane and squad and super close with Andrew I love-
No but he's the sweetest boy and if you don't you should watch his videos.

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Garrett; the softest boi-
Ryland Adams 🎀

My other parent hello, He's funny and I like how he edits his videos, he also gives quality content and I love him :-) He is also v sweet and caring and his ideas are funny. pls stan.
And honestly I'm so happy he exist bc he loves shane and they're so amazing together are you kidding me-

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lOve My QUeEn
Squad 🎀

I just stan almost everyone shane is close with, and its just. please watch them. Like I love them so much and they make my days v better and they're all good and sweet people and just amazing-

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Buzzfeed unsolved 🎀

HOLD ON, WAIT, FFS, let me start by saying how much I love unsolved holy- It gr8, it's funny, interesting and overall quality content. I honestly don't like buzzfeed unless there's an upload that has either Shane or ryan. No it's interesting and gets you thinking about different things. I love unsolved with all my life ff

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LoeyLane 🎀

She's such a sweet heart and loves scary things and is super cute and I love her, she talks about horror themed stories and is super interesting I love her. I honestly don't have much to say but to watch her channel. She's v versatile.

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Tom Harlock 🎀

This beautiful boy has a fun channel, I love him and he's funny plus he loves one direction-
anyway stan this beautiful king.

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Brandi TV

this woman is hilarious, she gets high and does things and honestly it be having me in tears, so far she hasn't done anything problematic and I love her so0
I have no photos bc no one really watches her.

Simply Nailogical 🎀

I love her, she's v funny and her content never disappoints. watch her videos pls.

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You Suck At Cooking

This guy is v comical and cooks but its v dramatic and honestly if I'm sad his videos make me feel better

MrKravin 🎀

I really like watching gameplays and stuff and kravin is one of the best youtubers in the game community in my opinion, he isn't annoying or problematic.

John Wolfe 🎀

He's another gamer and him and Kravin are v good friends, also gives quality content.


an eating asmr channel, I don't watch all her videos but she does a v good job on the ones I do, and overall asmr videos help when I have a headache or trouble sleeping. :-)

Daz games 🎀

V funny boi, I love him. quality content.

good mythical morning 🎀

a news channel but better. funny, quality content.