Is crazy when your imagination create darks thinks like loss someone you loved and thinks like trouble when you think about it is hard no feeling bad with this anxiety to loss you what happening to me, ¿what you do to me?, ¿is your love to me?, is scary feeling to let you go and never be the same because you're so important so much for me and i just can't sorry if this hurt you when i think about it and i can't tell you because i don't want remember that day when almost let you go, i was so scary to loose you and i can't do this again

When i remember old conversation with you especially when you tell me never imagined let you go, never imagined to loss you because i love you and you're so important to me. I knew that because i know now the important to you and just i just wanna hold you i don't wanna be in love with you i know is so hard you deserve the best and you wish the best for me and i wish the best for you too. If you love someone please tell me I'm fucking jealous i don't know why 😞