I never thought this was how my life would turn out. Dating a girl, meeting her extremely supernatural friends and family, somehow becoming pregnant because some woman has been obsessed with destroying people's lives. It's an intense lifestyle.
Once I started dating Leighton, I chose to be a part of her life. She warned me I could be affected negatively, but I chose this life anyway because I'm in love with her. I don't want anyone else. Being pregnant with our twins right after graduation wasn't how I imagined my life would be, but I wouldn't want to start a family with anyone else. This all sounds crazy, trust me, I know. But the cliché is love makes you do crazy things.
After my parents found out I'm gay, they cut all ties with me. I'll never speak to them again, and I'm slowly becoming comfortable with that reality. I'm starting my own family now and it's a lot easier than it could've been. Cora thought she'd ruin our relationships, but our's has only grown stronger. Though I never wanted to carry children or give birth, that's what's happening. I know in the end when I get to hold my baby girls, it'll all be worth the pain and discomfort. Besides, we don't have to spend millions of dollars on sperm donors and all that artificial stuff. Cora blessed us. We'll be moving into our own place soon and we are super excited. Twins, 18 cats, and my favorite person.