honestly, things have been kinda tough for me lately, but are slowly starting to get better. i've found that a good remedy for bad days is laughter. And there are some tv shows and movies that are downright hilarious and will make you laugh.
check out my suggestions.

1. Oh, Hello on Broadway
So I watched this earlier in the week, and it's probably the funniest thing i've ever seen - no lie. It's John Mulaney (who i adore tbh) and Nick Kroll, and the whole story is about two old guys who are kinda delusional. It's absolutely hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.

2. John Mulaney's Standups
I've mentioned these before, but if you haven't watched them - 1)why not? 2) i promise they're worth your time, even if you don't like comedy routines. I forced my best friend to watch his second one with me and she loved it - and she hates this stuff.

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3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Like, come on. This is so hilarious. The characters and plots are incredible. Andy Samberg is to die for as Jake (and kinda handsome?!). Chelsea Peretti is killer as Gina. Terry Crews is awesome as Terry. Watch it.

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4. Thor: Ragnarok
This will make you laugh. Even if you've seen it a thousand times. It never fails. If you are a Marvel fan like me, this is one of the best ones yet, and the humor is freaking amazing.

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5. The Good Place
Freaking incredible. For millennials and gen-z people, this is like, the show. The whole show has so many pop culture references that you have to be aware of those things to get the humor fully. But if you do, it's awesome.

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There are so many more I could talk about but this is a quick one.
thanks for reading,