So, last week I decided to start watching Élite, a new Spanish TV Show from Netflix. To my taste, it looked a bit too spooky... but as it's October, the month of all spooky things, I went ahead. Watched 20 mins and left it, up until Saturday, when I woke up far too early and decided to take my breakfast to bed and finish the halfway episode. It was about 8 pm when I finished it. The whole show. In one day. And here is what I thought.

The good

I. By far, Omar and Ander.
It may sound a bit cliché, a bit 'here comes another cute gay couple who had a bad start and a happy ending'. Truth is, that is exactly what this is, but you know what? It was real. As real as you can get. A boy who followed his father's dream to the point where he felt trapped in his own life and a Muslim drug seller boy with a very traditional father (there are a variety of very obvious reasons on why he could not accept who he was). They struggled and they made it through. AND YES THEY WERE VERY CUTE.

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II. The show starts with a dead character... they show you the ending. But, what they never show is the killer. Hell yes, I tried to figure it out, a lot, and I had some ideas, but the real killer never came to my mind up until the very moment they showed it, so yeah, points for that.

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III. Who doesn't love a bunch of messed up teenagers? Let's be honest, we've all been there.

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IV. And final, the story behind Nadia and her hijab, her relationships and all things real life religion related. Absolutely amazing.

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The bad

I can't really think of a thing. BUT maybe it is because I just spent about 6 and a half hours of my Saturday watching the same thing.

The ugly

Life is hard and unfair. Rich people control the world and we let them. That's just how it is. But, for God's sake, we already saw this in 13RW, why did they left the killer loose and blamed it all on the wrong guy.
Maybe they want a 2nd season, maybe they needed an unclosed ending but ohhh how much I hate it. So, if you haven't watched it yet: yes, there a bad ending (also, why are you here? Netflix is waiting for you).

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If I had to rate up to ten, Élite gets a solid 8,5/9, it's fun and intense and well made, a pleasure to watch and re-watch.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review, I'll be posting it in Spanish soon. If you loved the show please check out the new WHI collection I made in its honour.

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- Have a nice life! L. x