“Permitir que la gente empiece de nuevo...es hermoso. Un bebé es puro y limpio, libre y los adultos son un mantra de tristeza y de fobias. Howard hace que todo eso desaparezca”

This film is made with your great background and original romantic nuance, the plot of this film focuses on joel and clem who after starting a relationship suffer what all couples and is the stage of rage or deep and uncontrolled knowledge that lives in all relationships and that is not presented in all romantic dramas.


The plot is a little bit complicated but this has a main reason and is that it is made in a way that presents the psychiatric model of kubler ross or better known as the 5 stages of mourning.
-Negation: is based on the idea of ​​rejecting that an event really happened.

-Anger: some anger for the person we lost

-Negotiation: is characterized by trying to make a deal with himself to recover a loved one.

-Depression: depression because it is certain that everything died nothing is left.

- Acceptance: accept that you can return to another stage in which you can change your life with another person.

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We are shaped and shaped by our past; for better or worse our past becomes a part of who we are and trying to run away from it does not change that.
So, although joel admits it or does not find it and fight pr clementine was a direct reaction to his relationship with naomi, he is trying to go in the opposite direction. Because Naomi is kind, but bored and being together feels ... somewhat forced otherwise this clem .. who finds joel something different from the beginning. to see her with her orange sweater.

This is why these scenes do not appear in the movie ... but why does it still appear in the story? ..is because it is still part of joel but as I explain howard every memory has an emotional core that binds it to our memory, and once that nucleus is eliminated the memories begin to disappear.

Joel no longer loves Naomi of course and without the presence of that emotional core tied to her memories of her, these, as the rest also disappear but not entirely memories like those never leave you could say that you traciendes that space and see them as a distant one with smells or melodies ... always some part of them will continue with us even if we do not notice it at first sight.
Denying these memories will only make you commit the same mistakes that led you to end up so hurt in the first place, since no mind is free of memories, but maybe if we can find our radiance in spite of it.

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Si quieres crecer en una relación y realmente tener resplandor en ella solo tienes que mostrar quien eres.Bower