Gosh I miss sitting infront of a screen, my fingers knowing where the keys are, my surroundings peaceful, music playing, mh gosh life's treating me good.

It's been awhile since I've posted, and knowing me, I didn't finish the "30 day writing challenge" claps fun.

All I ever did(doing) is read. . read. . and more reading.

Oh not about academic stuff for school. Pff no. I only read about it when I'm actually in school.

I have already read (and currently reading) tons of AU's (Alternate Universe)

I'm enjoying them so much. I've came across amazing writers, where they make me think "wow such an amazing creative brain" that sadly, I can't relate :(

They're so good, you know where you visualize the words piece by piece, sentence by sentence and it comes to life in your head? YES! Gosh I love reading so much.

I'm not reading just for the sake of feeding my inner bookworm(PROUD). I also read to learn. To learn from the way each author writes, reading each style. Even reading their first au until their most recent one to see their progress (that doesn't fail to impress me).

I also wanted to at least try writing maybe short ones in the future. Who knows?

I only rant random stuff here in my wehit (yes I call we heart it WeHit).

Who knows if I'll slap some poems here?

Who knows if I'll pin some short fics/aus in my wehit account?

Who knows if I'll write about how a bee and I became friends?

Who tf knows? I mean I write and post whatever I want.