Before you indulge in this poem, take a brief moment to read what I have to say. This poem has some triggers because I delve into the very sensitive topic of suicide. Many of the authors who have inspired me (Plath, Hemingway, Gilman, etc.) committed suicide and this poem is partially a dedication to them. Additionally, I am also dedicating this poem to "myself" and someone else I love deeply because we, too, contemplated ending our lives. This poem is abstract and personal and has quite a few subliminal messages. If this poem affects you in any way or you simply want to give me feedback, by all means message me.


Can you really escape suicidal ideation?

Its not merely an acclamation.
It is the loudest of cries: basification!
Not in much need of calculation;
You feel as you’ve been sentenced to damnation,
No way out, void of any exclamation.
Defeat surrounds you in a state of fissuration,
Gone is the desire to succeed, progress to graduation.
Your body shuts down–undergoing hibernation,
When you awaken the pain still exists, it wasn’t your imagination.

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Can you remember when you last experienced jubilation?
It has vanished, drowned somewhere in lamentation;
You’re only left with the power to succumb to meditation.
Relaxing cannot save you now, there’s no obligation.
The thoughts become overpowering and culminates in perturbation.
You wish your mind would cease to exist, drift off in reincarnation.
Would your soul be transmigrated or merely sent off without salutation?
Knowledge is not always granted…never as clear as tessellation,
It moves slowly through time: sheer undulation.
You float away as one with the atmosphere in a state of vaporization.

Now that you’ve travelled into the depths of your mind and soul,
Gone through the alphabet and realized there isn’t any scroll,
No map to navigate the channels of your mind, no rules to control,
Do you feel any wiser? Anymore whole?

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