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Day 4; A list of 5 places you want to visit

Disneyland or Disney World

Halloween, disney, and disneyland image
It's October so of course I'm posting a picture of the pumpkin, what do you expect?
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My parents always wanted to take my brother and I to Disneyland or Disney World. We've never been able to go, but some day I will get to go and it will be amazing.

Bora Bora

beach, sea, and summer image
This place is so pretty who doesn't want to go there?
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I'd love to be on the beach in Bora Bora. One of the youtubers that I watch went here for her honeymoon and I loved seeing her vlogs about it. It gave me some serious FOMO.


travel, blue, and Greece image
Who doesn't want to visit the place where Mamma Mia was filmed?
Greece, travel, and sea image Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
The gorgeous beaches and all the buildings on the side of the islands. Getting to go there would be a dream.


france, paris, and travelling image
Paris, the city of love... Such a beautiful place to visit.
paris, city, and travel image paris, city, and france image
The language is beautiful, I speak french and I'd love to be able to go to a bakery there and order some pastries or something. I'd also love to visit their museums and see all the lights in the city.


architecture, Island, and italy image
They have such beautiful architecture.
travel, rome, and italy image Image removed
I'd love to visit the Colosseum one day, the history there is amazing. I'd also love to take a bout through the water ways in Italy. A dream.

Well, there you have it. Five places I'd like to visit. Can you tell that I like the beach? I just love the water in general.


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