So todays article is about my dearest cousin Sophie and about how beautiful she is on the outside but how her phone has infected her brain and her attitude. Now, I remember the good old days when we used to go outside, play a jolly game of cops and robbers or sardines but in the past few years Sophie has become addicted to her phone. It is funny how such a small machine can absorb such a big part of your life, she can spend up to eight hours a day on her phone. We go to meals and she cannot take her eyes off it, she might as well marry it someday.

Last week in a few schools it was mental health awareness week, we learnt about how phones affect your brain and mental capacity to think and create an imagination.
When using a phone you can clearly see a difference in attitude compared to days without phones at all. Even when we stole Sophie's phone for a couple hours we could see a dramatic increase in her happiness. Sophie sometimes forgets that how she looks on social media doesn't determine her attitude and personality in real life. Although she tries to put across her personality in her pictures as popular and generous in her time-giving on snapchat and instagram, in real life she is lonely, lost and consumed in the world of social media.

Now, we have a solution... Myself and my favourite cousin have engineered an awareness group called: The Fone Free Fam. This group specialises in making sure people get a life.