Have you ever loved something so much you couldn't even put it into words? So you just go jbejwwf bsajDk21hkbdm. Yeah well, here are some Youtubers that do that to me. If you love them too you are welcome to obsess with me. However, if you don't know them, well, LEARN TO LOVE THEM!!1!1!
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WARNING This is fairly different from my usual articles. So, either ignore it if you are here for self-improvement articles, or come along. Though keep in mind you've been warned.
1. Shane Dawson
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The Queen is quaking!!! LITERALLY, my life has changed since I started watching Shane.
So many feels. Like everything is amazing.
And I am so mad that there aren't more Shane collections on we♡It. SERIOUSLY this pig is hilarious and such an amazing person. Like I CANT! All the series are so so good. The squad is my fave. If you know me I dig anything paranormal so the ghost videos and conspiracy theories are literally LIFE!
I want to be living like Shane when I grow up. He's my spirit animal.
I love each and every single one of his characters. I love the Queen! I literally love him so much I can not put it into words.
Like burry me wearing Shanes pig shirt, hugging his two books, covered in food, and a video of Shane being the queen in the background because at that point my life will be complete!
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Also, am I the only one who gets FOB vibes from superluv? Like I for real thought it was FOB when I first heard it on Spotify. It just came on and I was like how come I don't know this song by FOB? so I looked at my phone and I was like omg omg omg omg...
2. Dan Howell
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At this point I've been filming a sequel or a triquel? would it be? what's the third part called? I have no idea.
ANYWAY BACK TO THE POINT I've been filming the next part of looking for Nemo and looking for Dory it's called looking for Dan. It's not coming out anytime soon (Just like Dan) because I still haven't found the son of a b*tch. DAN COME BACK! WHERE U AT?
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Ever since I remember myself Dan Howell has been my biggest inspiration, well, now we can tell why I'm still not normal. What is normal? I don't know. Just like I don't know where Dan went. I'm writing a book it's called Looking for Dan my me Green.
His videos were exactly how I would make my videos if I were a Youtuber. Also so relatable.
Dan Howell is the best! and also me! so me! also my dream life, living with your best friend and doing Youtube for life.
Also no matter what you tell me, Daniel, you will always be daisnotonfire! DANISNOTONFIRE!
Stop with this Daniel s**t! no! danisnotonfire! END OF DISCUSSION! NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM F**K PHILL AND MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO!
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3. Amber Scholl
Okay, show me someone who can make a gorgeous dress out of trash bags. (Well out of me lol) I'm waiting...
Funny, cute, energetic, and a beauty guru that is not only sponsorships, tutorial, and same editing style that 1000 people already use.
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Forget Barbie, I wanna be Amber Scholl!
4. Jessie Paege
The cutest, sweetest, fangirliest, creature ever!!1!!
I love, love, love her so much. Especially I love her videos about mental health, they help A LOT! and her school videos, good to know that I'm not the only one who has no friends at school lol.
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Can we talk about how Me the second picture is? well, except if it was me I'd have the whole pack of fires stuffed in my mouth instead lol.
I think this was enough fangirling at 1 AM. If you could relate than heart and collect this article. Maybe message me I'd love to make more internet frens. And if you are like what is this I'm so scared how did I even get here? have no fear your heroes here lol. Okay for real, I have different articles about life, thoughts, self-improvement, movies, books and mental health. See I'm complex, or at least that's what I tell myself not to feel like I have some personality disorder lol. - So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory