Hi. A few months ago, I wrote an article about a new writing challenge. I finally decided not to do it for the moment. I don't have enough time to write this kind of article so, I'll try to write some things quite different. I would like to write about life, love, feelings, music, study habits, nature, animals,.. Well, all the things I like.

Today I'll tell you about my favorite songs. I may have a special taste in music but, what I like in those songs is the feelings I get when I listen to them.

  • Lie To Me, 5 Seconds Of Summer

Now I wish we never met
Cause you're too hard to forget
While I'm cleaning up your mess
I know he's taking off your dress
I know that you don’t, but if I ask you if you love me
I hope you lie, lie, lie
Lie to me

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  • Hold on, Shawn Mendes

These days are flying by
Weeks feel like minutes
I can't remember being small
I try to figure it out
I can't seem to find out how
I guess I don't know much at all

And my dad said "Shawn, stay with me
Everything will be alright
I know I haven't seen you lately
But you're always on my mind"

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  • Mad Sounds, Arctic Monkeys

Mad sounds in your ears make you feel alright
They’ll bring you back to life
Mad sounds in your ears
They make you get up and dance
Make you get up
Yeah they make you get up
Love buckles under the strain of those wild nights
Run but you cannot hide
Mad sounds in you ears
They make you get up and dance
Make you get up
All night long they reappear
Make you get up and dance
Yeah they make you get up

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  • Mirrors, Niall Horan

Her coffee's cold
He turns around and said I hope you know
You're beautiful, have you been told
She's a little shy
But as he walks away she slowly breaks a smile
The skies are blue, haven't been for a while
She looks into her mirror
Wishing someone could hear her so loud
I need love to hold me closer in the night
Just enough to feel my body come alive
When my bones start breaking, my heart start shaking
I need love, need love

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  • Song Like You, Bea Miller

A song like you
Is a ripple of the waves
That rises to a hurricane
Oh woah oh oh, oh woah oh
A song like you is a whispered lullaby
That's drowned out by a baby's cry
Oh woah oh oh, oh woah oh
A song like you would never tell me the truth
It would turn me on, break me down, make me feel like there is nothing outside this room
A song like you would have me lost in my youth
Oh, baby, a song like you

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Well, there are much more songs I like but, that's it for this article.

Hope you'll enjoy it :)