Matilda recommended a special doctor to us. She's sweet and made Mabel feel super comfortable.

Image by Brutal Fantasy
Dr. Sallow

"Everything looks good with your little ones," Dr. Sallow said, taking off her gloves. "That's so great to hear," Mabel said, smiling. "November 2nd is your due date, but they can come before or after that date," she informed us. Mabel pulled her shirt down. I couldn't stop smiling at the thought of having two little girls running around soon. "I suggest you come in for another check up in one month. Let's make it August 1st," she said. "Alright. We will see you then," I said. "Call if you have any concerns," Dr. Sallow added before leaving the room.

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"We need to pick names," Mabel said. I helped her off the table. "Any ideas?" I asked. "I will keep you updated," she said. I heard Mabel's stomach growl. "Wanna grab some food?" I suggested. She nodded. "I am ravenous," she said. I laughed and held the door for her. We walked out and I held her hand. It's time to feed my babies.