sooo i am back alligators xaxaxa... how are you? i am perfect by the way . So today we are going to talk about ..... 90s SERIES yeahhhhhhh my favourite actually . Also you know how much i love the images so it is going to be another one article with photos .... READY???

Soo we are gonna start with my most favourite (and for a lot people) serie the ...

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I just freaking love friends i am watching this serie from when i was younger and i know every single one of the episodes and all the jokes i just love it . Also my favourite from the boys is jandler but i love all of them and more i love all the cast the just click with it's other .

so we are moving on to the next serie that it is the..

will smith and gif image
fresh prince of bel air

what can i say for this tv show..amazing . I have a big crush on will smith so here is another one reason to see the show . I was too sad when the first actress that played will's aunt Janet Hubert had to leave but the show continues to be as successful as it was . Also carlton sometimes was a freak in the beging but then it was just fine and the best douet was will and carlton .

keep moving to the next that is the best female 90s serie and that is the....

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what an awsome serie i was freaking excited when i was watching the serie on the tv and waiting until the next day to see the next episode .. i just couldn't xaxaxaxa. Also all that magic thing and the powers oh god i love pipers power and also i love paiper is so powerful and so emotional and in love with leo the same time that just make her character like every woman . Also i love Holly Marie Comps as an actress .

next is the spooky one the...

Madchen Amick, Twin Peaks, and shelly johnson image
twin peaks

Actually to tell the truth i have never watched this show before but i know the plot is about a girl that she was fount dead in a lake and after that everything that happens is in the supernatural zone . Also i know that in this show shows up madchen amick that i love .Also i know that this show is kind of the same with the riverdale.

At last i want to talk about that show that is not anything else than the ...

90210, 90s, and bitch image
Beverly hills 90210

Here is another one show that i have never seing it but i know that it is for a gang of people mix boys and girls and some of them start having a feelings for some oathers and etc. Also i know that in this serie it show up Luke Perry from riverdale and Shannen Doherty .

This is all for now but it is going to be also a part two . So until then see ya!!