Which would be easier? What should be the best way to achieve your goals? Would someone disturb you on this way or you should hustle alone? How to manage this?

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If you want to achieve something faster then you should find your companion, but if you want to go so far that no one could reach you, then your choice is being alone. Depends on how strong you are, your choice must be in line with your power. Every side has its good or bad side, are you able to handle them well, all its up to you my dear!

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Don't be afraid to stand for your plans, ideas, dreams, even if that means to be left alone. All successful people passed thorough this, it is hard, but worth suffering. Don't expect anyone to like you, just keep being in your own world. And, never be ashamed of your ambition. Be proud of every step you take, act like a queen, with or without your king!

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Work hard for everything you imagined, or someone else would hire you to accomplish their plan. Don't be satisfied with working every day 9-5, because your empire won't be built like this.

If you ask me, it would be better if you have someone on who you could count on, tell all your plans, secrets, weakness points, discuss next steps motivate each other when you want to give up...But some people are not meant for it, they must take the hardest way, do this all by themselves, but the accomplishment would be much much bigger! (Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.)

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This would be the hardest way to achieve wealth, but is it possible? There is nothing that isn't possible in this world, all comes from your mind, if you block yourself and complain, it will lead you nowhere. So, take the wheel of your life and show everyone that this is still possible.

Well, if you are with someone you share and pass thorough all difficulties by feeling only its half..._Half you feel, half your companion_, same when you need to solve problems on your way, you separate it on 2 sides. And of course two brains think better than just one. So, by being alone you have to handle all by yourself, solve problems, think of all possible ways, chances, steps. Your brain must work 24/7 if you want to skip possible mistakes or say something that you should remain silent for.

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With your companion you have the division of work, everyone manages something, what he is capable for, or even something you like more. By hustling alone, no one will ask you if you like something, or would you rather pick up this or that... No! This requires courage, great courage. To stand for yourself and cover your own back from enemies, to feel the right timing for some investment.

Try your best to find someone to share everything with, test people, because of their different caracters, thoughts, mind. Actually if you are not able to deal with them, handle business, move away, try again or what if left, carry everything on your own. Be your own boss! And of course, hide your income from everyone, no one should ever know how much you earn.

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If you stand alone, you must believe that you are the best or otherwise you will never achieve what you are capable of. Don't be scared of losing, try to improve but not for the price of your health.

We spoke about basics, but I didn't answer what would I choose, or what is better for me, as my opinion matters here...As for me, we humans are not made alone, at first I would say try to find someone to hustle with and raise business, if not you have no choice but to slay alone, which is not bad, harder, but worth the effort. None of these two ways is the best, but we must decide what is the best for us, since we are are different and special on our own way.

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Stay classy and bossy, keep going with or without your king! Until the next time check my articles collection or some of them below...Kisses

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